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What is Bizzy

Bizzy was founded in 2021 by Hendrik Keeris and Steve Declercq in Ghent, Belgium. They realized that researching companies could be time-consuming and frustrating, with navigating online data, struggling with manual work, and dealing with outdated information. They saw an opportunity to simplify B2B data research and provide smart and up-to-date insights to sales professionals, marketers, and investors. To achieve their goal, they built an online platform that integrates data from multiple sources and uses AI and machine learning to automate data collection and analysis. The platform attracts over 200,000 monthly visitors and offers CRM integrations and APIs to deliver data to their customers. Bizzy's team of highly talented people focuses on user experience, ensuring that their software and tools are easily accessible and seamlessly integrated into daily routines.

Bizzy's mission is to enable business developers and investors to easily find, understand, and follow companies with the help of smart and automated business insights. With their dedication to simplifying B2B data research, innovative use of technology, and focus on user experience, Bizzy has quickly become a go-to platform for those looking to stay informed and make informed business decisions.

What they asked us

Bizzy approached us prior to their launch, with a goal to create a brand from scratch that would align with their vision to simplify B2B data research and provide smart and up-to-date insights to their customers. Our team was tasked with creating a brand strategy that included defining the brand positioning, vision, mission, and values

“The Bizzy team embarked on a mission to disrupt the market of dull and grey business data. We are proud to have create an UnAverage brand that sets a new standard in the world of data and lead generation."

Through research and analysis, we identified the key differentiators of the brand and developed a strategy that would resonate with sales professionals, marketers, and investors. We worked closely with the founders to define the brand vision, mission, and values, which were the driving force behind the brand identity and communication strategy. Our team then created the brand identity, messaging, and communication strategy that would effectively convey the brand vision and resonate with their target audience. We also focused on creating a seamless user experience and ensuring that the brand could be easily integrated into their software and tools.


In the end, our team delivered a full brand that captured the essence of Bizzy and positioned them as a leader in the B2B data research market. The brand has been successful in establishing Bizzy as a reliable and innovative platform for those looking to stay informed and make informed business decisions

What they say about us

"Dries and Yuri from The Brand Guys supported us in shaping our brand identity in the very early days of Bizzy. Their ability to creatively think out of the box helped us to come in as the new kid on the block and to stand out from the old-school players in our market. I really like their eye for detail and good feeling with words as it is of major importance in creating a brand." Hendrik Keeris - Founder & CEO

With Bizzy, you can quickly look up a company and access or track important business information, financial data and business analyses.

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