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About us

Dries Henau and Yuri Vandenbogaerde, partners in life and business for over 15 years, founded WASBAR in 2012. Their concept, which combined a snack bar with a laundromat, quickly caught the attention of Top Brands, that owns several well-known brands including Pizza Hut, Boulangerie Paul, and Ellis Gourmet. The duo sold the concept to Top Brands in 2015. Immediately after the pair founded Ambassy: a PR agency which they later sold to Duval Union. The agency was renamed MMBSY post-acquisition. In 2018, Henau and Vandenbogaerde created Chez Claire, another retail concept that was later acquired by the leader of the pastry market: La Lorraine. The luxury eclairs are now sold in Delhaize stores.

Today, Dries & Yuri are best known as 'The Brand Guys', dedicated to curating unparalleled brand concepts and crafting captivating experiences. With a strong focus on Food, Hospitality, and B2C companies, they excel in delivering remarkable results for new and existing brands. Their firm belief in the profound impact a brand has on your business, customers, and the world underscores their contemporary approach to branding and understanding modern society. Embracing a fresh perspective, Dries & Yuri fearlessly enable brands to break free from the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary.

"We challenge companies to be
different in a world of average"


Topstarter 2012 - één - WASBAR

Greatest idea of the year 2013 - Night of the KMO - WASBAR

Belgium's new brand of the year 2015 - UBA - WASBAR

Best Newcomer in Belgium- Retail Detail - Chez Claire

Entrepreneur of the year 2019 - Venuez Hospitality Awards 

We are




We believe in doing things differently. As we are trailblazers ourselves; we love companies and products that want to fight the average. 

We are true believers in the brand core. The future is bright for brands that are built upon beliefs.

Driven by Purpose


In the know

For over a decade we've been successful in building brands with our own money. We know the importance of getting it right, and we have the experience to do so.



We approach every brand with the same level of care and attention as we would our own. We are committed to creating brands that we can all be proud of.

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