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"We create extraordinary concepts & Brands in Hospitality and Leisure."

Our Manifest


You may have noticed. The feeling that the coffee bar you are in looks creepily similar to the one in that other city. The AirBnB you booked in Budapest is so like the one you saw in Amsterdam. Those shopping streets started to look the same, wherever you are. All around the world entire cities start to look, smell and feel the same. Restaurants, shops, hotel lobbies, and even the cars we drive in. One big bunch of sameness. Welcome to the world of average.


Brands also seem to have embraced this. Creativity, boldness, authenticity and adventure seem to have made way for rationalization. All following the same trends. Hitching the same influencers, competing against the same algorithms and bidding for the same eyeballs. All mimicking each other. Causing all brand concepts and experiences to blend together into a monotone uniform culture.
At The Brand Guys, we won’t accept this.


As trailblazers ourselves, we refuse to settle for the norm. We see being different not as a choice, but as a necessity. In a world of sameness, in a world of Top of Mind, Bottom of Price and Top of Algorithm, we believe there is even more room for successful brands that are Center of Heart <3  


We turned our aversion to the average into a company, and it's our way of fighting against the monotony of everyday life. We create brand concepts and experiences that capture the essence of that one true thing everyone seems to have lost: an identity worth loving. While a lot of brands are doing nothing but existing, we dare you to stand out.

At The Brand Guys, we’re on a mission to fight the average. And we would like to invite you to join us.

What we offer

We simply tranform companies into extraordinary brands. But to make it a bit more tangible, we categorize our activities in 3 main pilars. 

Concept & Brand Development 

Strategic review, repositioning  & rebranding

Keynotes & workshops

We are experienced in creating concepts, brands, and experiences that break away from the ordinary. We focus on companies active in food & beverages, hospitality, and leisure.

We thrive on transforming raw ideas into fully realized ventures, handling every step of the journey from inception to the market launch. 

Is your company still relevant to your customers? Or is your brand ready for a change? Our strategic review and rebranding services provide a fresh perspective on your brand's positioning in the market. We analyze market trends, consumer behavior, and competition to develop a winning strategy that revitalizes your brand and sparks growth. Let us help you navigate the ever-changing landscape and ensure your brand stays ahead of the game.

We offer captivating keynotes and lectures that inspire and educate audiences about the power of fighting the average, branding, storytelling, tapping into the newer generations, and enhancing customer experience. Our engaging presentations are designed to leave a lasting impact and provide valuable insights for businesses seeking to stand out in today's dynamic market. Discover more here.

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