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Cocon is up for the Retail Newcomer of The Year 2023 Award

Awards speak volumes, don’t they? Or maybe not, who knows.

In 2020, PAC and L’Oreal tasked us to modernize the stale hair salon design that’s been unchanged for decades.

We ignored the competition and focused on what clients truly wanted. Spoiler: it wasn’t walking through the salon with their wet hair sticking to their faces under glaring lights. People also despised juggling multiple appointments: hair, facials, nails, etc.

Enter Cocon: a high-end multi-service hub tailored for busy, successful women. Here, artists meet you in your own private sanctuary, offering all-inclusive beauty treatments. Retailer of the Year is consumer-driven in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Italy. Experts and industry peers pick winners. We bagged this award in 2019 for Chez Claire and hope Cocon repeats the feat. Winner will be announced September 28.

Read the full case:

Cut from interview with Dries & Yuri of 2 years -and some kilo’s- ago ©Cocon

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