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What is Wasbar


WASBAR is a Belgian concept, founded in Ghent by yours truly.  It combines a bar and a laundromat, where customers can enjoy food and drinks while doing laundry. The first WASBAR was launched in 2012, and the concept quickly grew in popularity. The concept has since expanded to multiple locations, with the company now operating 11 venues in Belgium. WASBAR has become a popular destination for those who want to socialize, have a bite to eat, and take care of their laundry all in one place.

The unique concept of WASBAR has made it a hit with customers. People can visit the venue to enjoy a meal or a drink while doing their laundry. The atmosphere is lively and social, with a bar area where people can hang out with friends, as well as a laundry area where people can get their washing done. Customers can choose from a variaty of food and drink options, including coffee, tea, smoothies, and alcoholic beverages. WASBAR is a proven success, and the company is now looking to expand beyond the borders.

“Storytelling became a crucial part of the brand strategy. We consistently told the story of how we came up with the concept and built WASBAR's brand around the idea of feeling at home in a laundromat."

How the brand was built


We founded WASBAR and developed the brand out of our own personal experience. Living in a small space without a washing machine, we didn't want to go to boring laundromats. It was this experience that led us to invent the concept of a combined bar and laundry salon. This unique idea quickly gained popularity, and the WASBAR brand was born. From the outset, we wanted to create a brand that was welcoming and made customers feel at home, as if they would visit their mom during the weekend. Building the brand in this way translated into a cosy and warm interior and atmosphere. The use of upcycled materials throughout the interior also aligned with our commitment to sustainability. The consistent branding approach helped to create a unique identity for WASBAR that customers could easily recognize and instantly feel at home.


Storytelling was a crucial part of the brand strategy. We consistently told the story of how we came up with the concept and built the brand around the idea of feeling at home in the laundry salon. This approach helped to create an emotional connection between the brand and its customers. We shared this story with the media, which gained publications from around the world, helping. us to spread the word about the unique concept that's called WASBAR. We were able to create a strong brand identity and a loyal customer base.

Partnering up: building a Brand Experience for AEG. 

Even though nothing stated above is a lie, the truth is a bit more complex. 

he true story is that WASBAR was originally created as a brand experience for AEG. The idea was to combine washing machines and dryers in a bar environment to create a live showroom where customers could fully experience the AEG brand. The target audience was young adults who had recently graduated from college and were still living in the city. With living spaces in city centers becoming smaller, many young adults can't afford to live in apartments with enough space for their own washing machines and dryers. As a WASBAR customer they would get to know the products and the brand of AEG. Meaning: when they'll start a family and go to live outside of the city, or move in to a bigger house, chances are very reasonable they will buy what they are familiar with, the brand that understood them -even when there was no money to be made-. 


In WASBAR® kan je genieten van een lekkere maaltijd op elk moment van de dag: ontbijt, brunch, lunch tot dinner! Probeer zeker onze beroemde Bagel Burgers en Bagels. Multitasken? Bij WASBAR kan je uiteraard ook een wasje draaien terwijl je afspreekt met vrienden om iets te eten of te drinken. Kortom: voel je helemaal thuis bij WASBAR!

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